Roaring Auctions Policies and Procedures


  All first-time bidders are required to Register prior to Auction commencement. We will review your Registration contact you to discuss and confirm your participation in Roaring Auctions.

CLICK HERE for Bidder Registration form


No chat during Live bidding on Lots. If you’re typing, you’re Bidding.

Your name will be called and a bid will be anticipated.

All bidding is in USD only. Payments may be done in Bitcoin or Ethereum, and in certain cases, USDT/USDC, PEPECASH or other collection or protocol-specific currencies.

Bidding on all Reserved Lots starts at the Reserve price, or at an appropriate price as determined by the Auctioneer. Lots with Reserves that are started lower, do not become live for a sale until bidding reaches Reserve.

  • No Reserve Alpha Bid Lots start from $1.
  • Minimum bid increments will be decided by the Auctioneer on a per Lot basis.
  • All bids are final, unless deemed otherwise by the Auctioneer during the live bidding process, such as due to obvious fat finger error or a clear lack of comprehension of one’s actions.
  • The payment method is specified by the seller of each lot at his or her sole discretion.
  • The Auctioneer will indicate what the accepted payment methods are for each Lot at the beginning of each Lot’s auction.

 You may be required to prove that you have the funds available in the required currency prior to bidding. Proof of Funds involves providing the public key to the wallet address that holds your funds. For Lots over $20K you will be required to sign a transaction message as soon as practical after your winning Bid.

Moderate use of congratulatory memes between Lots is welcomed.

Go overboard spamming the auction and you’ll be Muted or Banned.

The Auctioneer’s Ruling is ALWAYS Final.


  • During auctions, I will call out all New High Typed Bids in Chat and indicate High Bidder.
  • If I see NO typing (Telegram), tweets (Twitter) or audio, that means no bids incoming, so I will start to call the sale.
  • “Going once… . . . Going twice… . . . Going three times… . . (final call) SOLD”


  •  Some Lots have Public Reserves, which is where bidding starts on those Lots.
  •  Reserves will be announced at the start of each Lot’s bidding.
  •  If there are no bids, the Lot passes to the back of the auction queue.
  •  Once all Lots are completed, if there is any specific buyer demand, we bring back nominated Lots passed to the back.
  •  If there is still no interest, those Lots are Passed In.


  • If a new High Bid lands during that Sale Countdown Sequence, bidding resumes.
  • We’ll go quickly back into the sequence if there is no immediate counter-bid.
  • This process repeats until SOLD.
  • When the Auctioneer calls SOLD, no new Bid will be accepted, even if you think you entered it before the Auctioneer’s Call.


  • Buyer’s premium is 6% of final USD sale price.
  • Buyer payments are due within 24 hours. Buyers will be advised where to send the funds upon confirmation of the winning bid.
  • We commit (provided buyers have paid and mempools permitting) to clear all sends to buyers within 72 hours and all settlements to sellers within 120 hours.


  • Seller Lot Submissions form is at
  • Our fees are 6% of the hammer sale price. All Sellers receive 94% of the final sale price for each Lot.
  • Sellers must advise whether their Lots are Hidden Reserve, Public Reserve or No Reserve.
  • WTH Auction House reserves the right not to list Lots with unrealistic Reserves.

We’ll attempt to reach agreement on a realistic Reserve before accepting or rejecting any Reserved Lots.

Too many passed in Lots results in a beta auction experience.

Sellers are required to ensure any successful sale can be fulfilled.

Clearly that means ensuring adequate inventory on hand of any multiple issuance assets.

In the case of very limited issuances or 1 of 1 pieces, the pieces must not be subject to Buy It Now sales on marketplaces when placed on consignment to Roaring Auctions.

Sellers are also responsible to pay any gas / Tx fees for necessary fulfilment transaction(s), including any unlocks and asset transfer fees. (Keep in mind when setting Reserves, that this can add up for larger Lots)


  • We run fortnightly Roaring Auctions every Saturday night, through Sunday early afternoon, depending upon your time zone.
  • We’re accepting Lots for submission on a rolling basis. If accepted, your submitted Lots will be listed on the next auction date available.

PM @HowToBuyTokens on Telegram to discuss listing your lots for auction.

Roaring Auctions take place at UTC 22:00 every second Sunday, 08:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC +10).

The following global times are provided as an indicator only and it is the bidders responsibility to ensure they have their correct local time.

Saturday night US time zones…
5pm EST / 4pm CST / 3pm MST / 2pm PST   6pm EDT / 5pm CDT / 4pm MDT / 3pm PDT

Saturday night / Sunday morning for EU / ASIA / OCEANA…
23:00 UTC +1 UK   00:00 UTC +2 Western Europe   01:00 UTC +3 Moscow, Dubai   03:00 UTC +5 India   05:00 UTC +7 Jakarta   06:00 UTC +8 Beijing, Singapore, Perth   07:00 UTC +9 Tokyo   08:00 UTC +10 Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne


  • Submit your Lots for Roaring Auctions using the following form: Click Here   Discuss Lot submissions with @HowToBuyTokens on Telegram.

  All Lots must be received at least three days before auction commences or the Lots will defer to the next week.

  Note: certain details may change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.

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