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About Roaring Auctions

  Founded in January 2017 with the launch of the WTH Auction House Telegram Group, and relaunched in March 2021 as Roaring Auctions, we are a world-leading premium NFT and digital asset auction house.

Renowned and trusted for our expert live and online auctions, as well as bespoke private sales, escrow and vaulting services, Roaring Auctions offers a full portfolio of global services to its clients, including art appraisal, art financing, metaverse virtual real estate, and digital assets provenance education.

Roaring Auctions also provides the vaulting of digital assets with cross-chain capabilities as a service.

Roaring Auctions runs Counterparty NFT assets auctions every two weeks in the WTH Auction House Telegram Group. We also run three to four remarkable live and live streaming auction events per year.

World-first milestones and prestigious sales:

FIRST EVER WHAT THE HECK "ANTE UP" AUCTION, announced April 6th, 2017

The DaVinci All Star 20 Collection was first run as a "What The Heck Ante Up" auction in April 2017. This meant bidders had to register a valid pre-auction highest bid prior to the live auction.

Davinci9 collection

PEPEPIZZA Auctioned on January 9th, 2008

Huge day for #RarePepe today. #PEPEPIZZA sold for 320,000 #PEPECASH, setting a new USD value record for a Rare Pepe, $35,555.55 USD give or take. Congrats to @misskatiecharm for an epic victory. WTH #Auction House selling dank memes for #ぺぺキャッシュ

FutureArt.io - April 2nd, 2021

Five Hour Live Event and Live Streamed Auction.

Read our original announcement on Medium.com here: https://roaringauctions.medium.com/roaring-auctions-at-futureart-io-74203f7ad54d

Blockchain Sydney and Roaring Auctions - NEAR NFT Auction on June 2nd, 2021

Blockchain Sydney and Roaring Auctions hosted the world’s first live and live streamed NEAR NFT Auction on June 2nd, 2021

Further Information   Roaring Auctions past sales consignments span across more than 20 digital and physical art and collectibles categories.

In 2021, Roaring Auctions has achieved several world firsts, including the world’s first live event live streamed NFT auction on the Near protocol.

Roaring Auctions has worked with a diverse array of NFT artists and crypto artists, to bring their works to an ever-growing audience of dedicated NFT art collectors.

Roaring Auction's mission is to empower the communities of artists, collectors, and newbies around NFT art leveraging the historical importance and legacy with the Rare Pepe project (link to the rare Pepe project explanation, perhaps on another website).

Recent innovations at Roaring Auction include the integration of highly valued NFT collections built on Bitcoin into the Etherum based Metaverses such as Decentraland and Crypto Voxels.

Browse, register to bid, discover, and join us for the best of new emerging digital art NFTs and historical Bitcoin crypto art.       Scope of Services   Information about NFTs and collectibles is available on this site, along with information describing how to participate in live online chat-based digital asset auctions.

The website allows you to inspect and auction lots of digital assets available for auction.

All Lot information panels link to Register to Bid. participate in live online chat-based digital asset auctions.

Artists and NFT collectors who wish to sell their assets at auction can register via our Seller Lot Submission forms, where you can submit NFTs and digital collectibles for auction.

Historical pricing information covering previous auction results and other sales types displayed from other digital asset marketplaces is also made available on this site.

Social media posts are also featured on this site, for informational and entertainment purposes.